Multi-Tiered System of Supports: A Sustainable, Data-Driven Framework for General and Special Education Student Success Districtwide

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Develop and implement an integrated, comprehensive, data-driven Multi-Tiered System of Supports custom to your school district. Build the capacity to support all K-12 learners, including English learners and students with disabilities.

Who Will Benefit

  • School/District Teams of general and special education instructional leaders
  • Whole School Academic Instructional Staff for immediate school implementation

What You Will Learn

The Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework is an educational system change paradigm continuously focused on overall school district improvement that is sustainable.

MTSS aligns resources and support for students receiving instruction and for teachers and other support staff who are delivering the instruction.

Specifically, you will:

  • Develop a cohesive and comprehensive MTSS framework that will increase access and success for all students, including students with disabilities and English learners
  • Align the MTSS framework with your district’s key initiatives
  • Develop a leadership team to provide oversight and ensure effective implementation
  • Build capacity to implement MTSS across the district
  • Develop instructional environments where students can succeed academically
  • Use high-quality, evidence-based instruction and intervention delivered with fidelity across all schools within your district
  • Strengthen collaborative relationships at all levels among departments, sites, grade levels, and content areas to improve learning outcomes for all students
  • Develop short- and long-term action plan including accountability measures, progress monitoring tools, and refinement of the action plan as part of a continuous growth model

In addition, we will teach you how to implement throughout your school or your district what you’ve learned, blending our research-based approach with other improvement initiatives and prior professional learning.

Service Details

WestEd’s Center for Prevention & Early Intervention staff can conduct any of the following:

Two four-hour, one-day workshops at your district: Provide the foundational knowledge of the MTSS framework and outline next steps for districtwide implementation.

Four-day district MTSS series of implementation workshops: Takes place over the course of the year and guides the District MTSS Implementation Leadership Team through identifying needs and capacity, establishing a culture of empowerment, aligning site and district initiatives, and technical assistance regarding effective implementation.

Six eight-day district MTSS series of implementation workshops: Take place over the course of the year and extend the four-day series to include designing and facilitating professional learning for school site teams.

What Makes This Service Unique

WestEd staff have specific expertise and experience examining systems at the state and local levels by reviewing policies, procedures, and practices that support improved outcomes for students with disabilities. This includes developing collaborative implementations teams; aligning initiatives; and reviewing data analysis capacity, intervention systems, and staff roles and responsibilities to ensure alignment to the common goal of improved results.

This expertise and experience allows WestEd staff to work closely with schools and districts to implement and customize a Multi-Tiered System of Supports that meets the needs of all learners.

We work at the school and district level to review data for all students to see where needs exist, review programs and services to determine if they are providing the appropriate supports, and review current initiatives to see if they are aligned to provide focused systemic supports. Based on the identified areas of need, an implementation plan is developed.


On-site one-day overview workshop: $4,000* for up to 35 participants.

On-site two-day implementation team planning workshop: $8,000* for up to 35 participants.

On-site two-day site team workshop: Includes ongoing coaching support for team implementation planning and review. Price based on number of sessions and staff participating.

Customized workshops, coaching, and ongoing in-class support can also be provided. Price varies depending on need and number of days.

*Costs include all presenter’s costs (fees and travel) and materials for the session.

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