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Jennifer Folsom

As a Senior Program Associate with WestEd, Jennifer Folsom provides professional learning services and technical assistance to education projects and grants, school districts, and state education agencies. A core tenet of her work is capacity-building among leaders and professional learning facilitators, and she prioritizes learning that transforms classrooms and systems toward more equitable learning environments for all students and adults.

Her deep expertise in conceptualizing learning pathways and education projects; in the facilitation of respectful, collaborative adult learning; in science content and pedagogical content knowledge; and in providing high-quality learning in distance environments has contributed to projects that have demonstrated statistically significant impacts at the teacher, leader, and student levels.

On the Making Sense of SCIENCE (MSS) project, she is a lead developer for MSS professional learning products and services, contributing to several published professional learning products. Folsom is also the supervising developer for MSS teacher and student assessments and student curricula, and she leads the project’s own continuous internal professional learning efforts.

Folsom was served by an Indian Education Assistance Act program as a child, which has driven her to focus on supporting learners from ethnic minorities, learners with exceptionalities, and learners who are not native English speakers. She began her career in education in high school, conducting research in a pharmacology lab and teaching K–5 students at a neighborhood environmental education center. In her free time, you’re likely to find her backpacking deep into the Sierra Nevada.