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Jennifer Folsom

Jennifer Folsom combines her writing skills, teaching insights, and science knowledge to develop Making Sense of SCIENCE courses with the Making Sense of SCIENCE project at WestEd.

Making Sense of SCIENCE has reached thousands of teachers and staff developers across the country, impacting hundreds of thousands of students.

The project combines existing education research with knowledge of practicing teachers, staff developers, and scientists to collaboratively develop and refine professional development experiences for science teachers and staff developers.

The comprehensive Making Sense of SCIENCE professional development series was born out of the Understanding Science for Teaching work. Making Sense of SCIENCE combines in-depth science learning with a focus on classroom practice and pedagogical reasoning.

Folsom began her science education career in high school, conducting research in a pharmacology lab and teaching K–5 students at a neighborhood environmental education center.

She also worked with school districts, nonprofit agencies, and universities to conceptualize and produce innovative science curricula for students and teachers in collaboration with scientists, teachers, and science education professors.

Folsom received a BA in biology and has studied other branches of science, as well as environmental education, English, and anthropology.