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Leslie Poynor

WestEd Research Associate Leslie Poynor is the State Coordinator for the California School Climate, Health and Learning Survey System, the largest statewide survey of resiliency, protective factors, and risk behaviors in the nation.

A member of the Health & Justice Program at WestEd, Poynor provides technical assistance to community, county, district, and school personnel in conducting and using the data from the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS), the California School Staff Survey (CSSS), and the California School Parent Survey (CSPS). This California Department of Education-funded survey has led to a better understanding of the relationship between school climate and academic performance, and is frequently cited by state policymakers and in the media. Poynor and fellow CalSCHLS staff help schools and districts ensure the surveys are part of a comprehensive data-driven decision-making.

Poynor’s areas of expertise and interest include assisting schools in using data-driven decision-making to create safe and supportive school climates for both students and staff from a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

She has developed and facilitated numerous professional development and data workshops on creating safe and supportive school climates as well as on the education of the whole child (e.g., cognitive, emotional, social, physical) from a strengths-based position.

Poynor has conducted a number of original research studies, authored several published education articles, published an edited book, and presented at local, state, national, and international conferences.

She received a PhD in curriculum and instruction (English as as second language and literacy education) from Arizona State University.