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CenterView: Teacher Leadership Works – It Builds, Energizes, Sustains

By Pamela Fong, Joy Lewis


Teacher leaders — classroom teachers with expertise in instruction and in leading peers — play a key role in addressing the increasing demands placed on school administrators, retaining quality teachers, and providing meaningful professional learning. Teacher leaders can effectively share the responsibilities of instructional leadership and can be influential in working alongside peers to improve practice.

In this CenterView, the Center for the Future of Teaching & Learning at WestEd reports on a teacher leadership survey designed to assess the impact of teacher-to-teacher professional learning.

What you will learn in this CenterView:

  • Ways teacher leadership can foster professional growth
  • Benefits of teacher-led professional learning on both teacher leaders and the teachers they lead
  • Strategies administrators can use for recruiting teacher leaders and finding protected time for teacher-led professional learning

This issue is part of a Center series on teacher leadership in the Teacher Practice Networks initiative. Download other CenterViews sharing knowledge from the Teacher Practice Networks.

Visit the Center for the Future of Teaching & Learning at WestEd for more information.

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