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Developing Principals' Instructional Leadership: Systems of Support in Two Math in Common Districts

By Rebecca Perry, Frances Reade


The five-year Math in Common (MiC) initiative supports a formal network of 10 California school districts as they implement the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSS‑M) across grades K–8.

Many MiC districts are shifting the ways they provide teacher professional development, with teacher learning less frequently offered at central district locations and more frequently provided at the school site, so teachers can better connect their learning to their own daily classroom practice.

Effective site-based learning for math teachers requires strong site-level mathematics instructional leadership. Accordingly, districts must invest as deeply in principals’ learning around the mathematics standards as they do in teachers’ learning. In order to support meaningful change, principals need to prioritize mathematics at their sites and understand what changes teachers are being asked to make to align their instruction with CCSS-M.

This report explores the ways districts are moving to systematically support principals. The report:

  • Presents two case studies describing the districts’ contexts and an overview of the principal professional development opportunities provided in each district, including principals’ reactions to these opportunities
  • Highlights the common features of these districts’ principal professional learning programs that appear to matter most for building administrators’ instructional leadership capacity specifically in math

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