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Principals as Instructional Leaders: Harnessing Teacher and Administrator Perceptions from the 2016 Math in Common Annual Surveys

By Rebecca Perry, Frances Reade, Sandy Sobolew-Shubin, Alberto Heredia


The five-year Math in Common® (MiC) initiative supports a formal network of 10 California school districts as they implement the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSS-M) across grades K–8.

This report presents the findings of WestEd’s survey of over 
2,000 MiC teachers and administrators. To better inform the work of site leaders who find themselves on the front lines of a sea change in mathematics instruction, the discussion of the survey results are oriented toward principals and district leaders.

The survey covered the following topics:

  • Achievement and support for special student populations
  • Instructional materials to support implementation of the CCSS-M
  • Teachers’ professional learning opportunities
  • Professional learning communities
  • Site administrators’ preparation for the role of instructional leader

Some Key Findings Based on Survey Responses

  • Additional teacher training is needed to support students with disabilities in meeting the new standards
  • Regular classroom observations of teachers are needed along with systematic measures and processes to monitor teacher improvement
  • Teachers need high-quality professional learning with personalized follow-up

The report also includes recommendations for next steps for district administrators, site leaders (e.g., principals), and teachers.

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