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How Six States Are Implementing Principal Evaluation Systems

By Heather Mattson, Nancy M. Sanders, Karen Kearney

Produced by Integrated Leadership Development Initiative


This brief, cowritten by Heather Mattson and Karen Kearney of the Leadership Initiative at WestEd, provides policymakers and practitioners with information about current principal evaluation policies and systems in six states.

The information included in this policy brief provides snapshots rather than full details about the complex and very different policy contexts in the six states’ principal evaluation systems. When available, web sources and addresses are provided so that users can access resources.

This brief does not endorse any particular state model or policy approach to principal evaluation. Rather, given the array of strategies available, these data are intended to inform policy deliberation and foster communication among states and districts seeking to develop and use effective principal evaluation strategies.

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Copyright: 2011
Format: PDF
Pages: 46
Publisher: WestEd