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Since WestEd’s inception in 1966, our researchers have been conducting studies to address significant questions and issues related to teaching and learning and to human development.

R&D is the core of our work. Drawing on research — our own and that of others — WestEd developers design, test, and refine new approaches that can be scaled up to help all learners succeed. And in our evaluations we use research methods to study specific programs and practices to understand what works or how to improve what might not yet be effective.

A hallmark of the WestEd approach is a focus on applied research. Our staff operate at the intersection of research, policy, and practice, bringing the methods of systematic inquiry to bear on real-world problems, often in formative evaluations. Even rigorous impact studies, using randomized controlled trial designs, can be done quickly. Collaboration with state agencies, school districts, foundations, service agencies, and others ensures that our work is tailored to client needs, circumstances, and timelines.

In addition to conducting research and evaluation studies, WestEd staff stay current with the cutting-edge research done by others. Whether through literature summaries, systematic reviews, or meta-analyses, we provide educators, practitioners, and policymakers with ready access to quality information. Our reports are clear and accessible, with recommendations included as appropriate.

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