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Interventions in Developing Nations for Improving Primary and Secondary School Enrollment of Children: A Systematic Review

By Anthony Petrosino, Claire Morgan, Trevor Fronius, Emily E. Tanner-Smith, Robert F. Boruch


What does it take to get children into school and keep them there? This report reviews the research on the effects of intervention programs designed to increase school enrollment in developing nations.

This research review asks the following questions:

  • How do school enrollment interventions affect student enrollment, attendance, graduation, and progression?
  • Do school enrollment interventions also affect test scores, grades, and other measures of achievement?

By systematically gathering and analyzing rigorous research about the program effects of primary and secondary school enrollment and completion policies, researchers, including those from WestEd, provide evidence to inform funding, intervention, and evaluation efforts in this area.

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Copyright: 2012
Format: PDF
Pages: 191
Publisher: The Campbell Collaboration