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Projecting the Need for California School Administrators Over 2010/11-2017/18: The Effects of Projected Retirement and Projected Changes in Student Enrollment Over Two-Year Increments

By Tony Fong, Reino Makkonen


This technical brief, prepared by REL West, projects the need for new school-site administrators (principals and vice-principals) in California by region in two-year increments over 2010/11-2017/18.

This brief builds on an earlier report, School-Site Administrators, that projected the aggregate need for school administrators over 2008/09-2017/18 based on projected retirement and projected changes in student enrollment.

By disaggregating the study period into two-year increments, this brief provides more specific data for education organizations — particularly the Association of California School Administrators and the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association — to more accurately target workforce planning and training programs for new school-site administrators.

Information about the Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) system and other REL publications can be found at the National Regional Educational Laboratory Program website.

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Copyright: 2011
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