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Archived Webinar

Evidence-Based Support for LGBTQ Middle and High School Students

Recorded on October 07, 2020

In this archived webinar, learn about a groundbreaking study on the experiences of LGBTQ students in California in connection with the historical and national context. Panelists from WestEd, Gender Spectrum, and GLSEN share information about the needs of LGBTQ youth and what schools, districts, and youth-serving agencies can do to ensure access to the conditions that are necessary for success in school and life.

Who Will Benefit

  • Middle and High School Educators
  • School and District Leaders
  • Youth-Service Providers
  • Policymakers

What You Will Learn

  • What the data says about the experiences of LGBTQ middle and high school students in California and across the country
  • The unique needs of LGBTQ students, assets for addressing them, and methods schools can employ to be more safe, supportive, and inclusive
  • Real-world strategies to support LGBTQ students in the context of distance learning, the COVID-19 pandemic, and movements for racial justice


  • Sophia Arredondo serves as the Director of Education and Youth Programs for GLSEN. She leads the content engine of GLSEN’s core function: resource development, capacity building, and school stakeholder outreach to support LGBTQ+ -affirming school practice.
  • Joel Baum is the Senior Director for Professional Development at Gender Spectrum. Baum oversees all aspects of the organization’s education and training efforts. He leads trainings, develops curriculum, consults with caregivers and professionals and provides resources in service of a more compassionate understanding of gender and young people.
  • Jenny Betz is a School Climate Specialist in WestEd’s Health & Justice Program, focusing on engaging schools and districts in the School Climate & Wellness Partnership (SCWP).
  • Carla Peña serves as Program Coordinator at Gender Spectrum. Carla is a queer, non-binary writer, educator, and activist. Committed to equity and social justice, they have focused their life’s work on LGBTQ+ rights, inclusive education, youth work, and community organizing.

Download the list of resource links from this webinar.

Read the WestEd report, Understanding the Experiences of LGBTQ Students in California, and download the infographic.

Listen to the Audio Recording


Webinar Presenter(s):

Sophia Arredondo Director of Education and Youth Programs, GLSEN
Joel Baum Senior Director for Professional Development, Gender Spectrum
Carla Peña Program Coordinator, Gender Spectrum