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Archived Webinar

Supporting Long Term English Learner Students in Mastering Academic English: A Framework for Success

Recorded on November 16, 2016

Some English learner (EL) students take longer to achieve sufficient English proficiency to be reclassified as a fluent English speaker, or may never achieve reclassification. These long-term English learner students (LTELs) often lag behind their peers in academic achievement and college- and career-readiness.

In this webinar, hosted by the REL West English Learner Alliance, two EL education experts share promising strategies and practices to support LTEL students – and all EL students – in English writing and academic literacy.

The presenters encourage participants to consider the coordination of practices with a framework for building LTEL students’ academic language development and success.

Who Will Benefit

  • Middle school and secondary educators who work with long-term English learner students
  • State- and district-level policymakers

What You Learn

  • Promising practices and strategies that address the specific needs of ELs/LTELs
  • The importance of coordinating initiatives to provide comprehensive support to ELs/LTELs

Webinar Presenter(s):

Julie Goldman Coordinator of Learning and Leadership Services, San Diego County Office of Education

Materials from the Webinar