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California School Climate, Health, & Learning Survey (CalSCHLS) System and Data Workshops

Educators: Measure school climate, social-emotional health, and learning with student, staff, and parent surveys, the most comprehensive school data effort of its kind in the nation. Learn how to use and disseminate school climate survey data through hands-on workshops.

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What You Will Learn

Learn how to collect, interpret, use, and disseminate survey data related to school climate, social-emotional health, and learning. Examine your school’s strengths and challenges, and compare the data to that of schools with positive climates.

We work with districts and schools nationwide to use and modify our CalSCHLS System and our survey data workshops to meet their unique needs.

Who Will Benefit

  • School and District Leaders
  • Teachers (grades preK–12)
  • Student Supports (and Related) Staff
  • Policymakers

Service Details

WestEd provides survey data collection and technical assistance for the California School Climate, Health, and Learning Survey (CalSCHLS) System and survey data use and dissemination. CalSCHLS data provides information and support for various aspects of school improvement.

Three companion surveys comprise the CalSCHLS System:

Although they vary in their focus and target populations (students, school staff, and parents), all three surveys assess a common core of school climate factors for comparability. Each survey is available in online and print forms, and can be customized with additional questions.

We provide support in collecting valid, reliable survey data as well as making full use of the System’s components to improve schools including:

  • Administering the CHKS, CSSS, and the CSPS in your school or district
  • Customizing your surveys with locally developed questions, or additional questions selected from a list of over 300 previously used questions on a wide variety of topics.
  • Analysis of your data by CalSCHLS staff
  • Assessment of how your district has progressed over time per many key questions
  • Historical reference to 12 years of past CHKS student surveys (for California districts/schools only)
  • Facilitating CalSCHLS Data Workshops during which Regional Coordinators will help you review your data and use it to improve school climate, which affects a wide range of youth outcomes including academic achievement, social and emotional well-being, and risk-taking behavior.

CalSCHLS System Administration Workshops (PDF) are two hours and CalSCHLS Data Workshops (PDF)are three hours. The workshops can be offered on two half days or combined (PDF) for one full day with a break for lunch.

LEA-level reports of the survey results are standard with each of the three surveys (CHKS, CSSS, and CSPS). Many clients also choose to purchase school-level reports to allow a focused, local assessment of strengths and issues. Data from all three surveys can also be reported based on the race/ethnicity of respondent groups, benefiting schools that are tackling achievement gap challenges.

Visit the CalSCHLS website for more information, including survey details.

What Makes This Service Unique

The CalSCHLS System is the most comprehensive school data effort of its kind in the nation. The System provides educators with comprehensive data to help guide efforts to improve schools, foster student achievement and successful development, and retain quality teachers.

CalSCHLS allows administrators to compare data from students, staff, and parents across a variety of school climate, student health and well-being, and learning support topics to see where their experiences and perspectives are consistent and where there may be discrepancies.

CalSCHLS data can help schools and districts identify and assess needs and strengths in critical areas of focus.

A unique feature of the System is its flexibility, both in the kinds of data that can be collected and in how the surveys are administered. Each survey can be customized to include additional questions that better meet the information needs of local schools and communities. This not only provides crucial, common data on key indicators across all schools, but also cost effectively and efficiently lets schools collect additional local information that may be needed to guide and evaluate school improvement and youth development efforts.

WestEd Technical Advisors have facilitated School Climate, Social-Emotional Health, and Learning Surveys and Survey Data Workshops across California, South Carolina, Louisiana, West Virginia, and in military-connected schools nationwide.

Join the thousands of schools and districts nationwide that have benefitted from these surveys and workshops.


The cost of services is based on the service model selected by the school or district.

Learn More

For more information on the California School Climate, Health & Learning Survey (CalSCHLS) System and Survey Data Workshops, contact Leslie Poynor at 510.302.4241 or We also encourage you to visit the CalSCHLS website.

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