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Register for Building Equity for English Learners in the Content Areas, June 4-7, Phoenix, Arizona

Leading with Learning

Ready to launch your efforts for improving teaching and learning for English learners and other culturally and linguistically diverse students?

In this three-day intensive institute, teachers and leaders learn how to implement integrated science, literacy, and English language development (ELD).

The institute deepens and broadens understanding of ELA, ELP, Science, and Social Studies Standards in SEI and mainstream classrooms.

An additional leadership session, offered on the fourth day, will allow participants to focus on leadership and site and district-level implementation.

The leadership session addresses topics such as professional learning, program components, and implementing and sustaining effective instructional practices building upon the foundational learning from the previous three days.

Who Will Benefit

  • School and district teams of teacher and teacher leaders
  • Instructional coaches and principals
  • District and county office leaders
  • Teacher education faculty

What You Will Learn

The institute will focus on strengthening teaching and learning in four major areas:

  • Fostering collaborative academic conversations among students, abundant writing, and interactive reading around complex texts and intellectually challenging content
  • Observing students closely to provide both planned and just-in-time scaffolding
  • Building disciplinary literacy by engaging students in text-oriented talk about the language in complex texts
  • Creating positive and culturally responsive learning environments

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Event Type

Professional Development


June 4–7th, 2019


Phoenix, AZ


Leading with Learning at WestEd


Administrators, Teacher Educators, Teachers