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Getting Started: An Overview of Carnegie Math Pathways

Carnegie Math Pathways

Take an in-depth look at how the Carnegie Math Pathways’ approach and course solutions can keep your students engaged and on a path toward college completion.

Co-led by Pathways implementers Paul Verschueren, math faculty at Seattle Central College, and Margo Keys, Vice President of Student Service at Chippewa Valley Technical College, this webinar will walk you through the Pathways’:

  • active instructional model, embedded social-emotional supports, and relevant curriculum;
  • the professional support available to you when you teach the Pathways;
  • and our full suite of corequisite, stretch, and college course solutions, which help thousands of students each year succeed at triple the rate of their peers in traditional developmental math, and in half the time.

Who Should Attend?

College and 8th-12th grade educators, administrators, and advisors who are new to Carnegie Math Pathways and interested in adopting an evidence-based approach to support high school and college math readiness will benefit from this webinar.


  • Mark Brodsky, Partnership Director, Carnegie Math Pathways
  • Margo Keys, Vice President of Student Services, Chippewa Valley Technical College
  • Paul Verschueren, Instructor of Mathematics, Seattle Central College

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April 27th, 2021


1:00 pm




Carnegie Math Pathways


Administrators, Coaches, Teachers