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Climate Connection Toolkit: Low- and No-Cost Activities for Cultivating A Supportive School Climate

By Leslie Poynor, Meagan O Malley


School climate is the social and physical environment of a school, reflecting the school’s values, norms, and relationships among teachers, students, and other school community members.

Written by WestEd’s Leslie Poynor with Meagan O’Malley, the Climate Connection Toolkit outlines no- and low-cost strategies to help school personnel improve the quality of relationships shared within and between adult and student groups on their campuses.

The kit contains seven activities that can be implemented as stand-alone events or incorporated together as a series. Every activity is outlined in detail, including the activity’s description and rationale; materials, space, and time requirements; and step-by-step procedures for facilitation in a school setting.

Designed with busy school day schedules in mind, each activity can be implemented in a brief time period without ongoing committee deliberation or long-term planning.

Tips and ideas for extensions are offered for those wishing to integrate the activities into broader school climate improvement efforts.

The kit is designed to complement California’s Safe and Supportive Schools’ What Works Briefs: 

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Copyright: 2013
Format: PDF
Pages: 31
Publisher: WestEd