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Aimee Evan

Aimee Evan is committed to equity in education for all students. As a Senior Research Associate and School Improvement Specialist at WestEd, Evan works at the intersection of research, evaluation, and technical assistance. She designs and leads evaluations, program reviews, and successful technical assistance projects with schools, districts, authorizers, and states to expand their capacity to use data and research to improve outcomes. She developed a series of technical assistance solutions for teachers and leaders, including an onsite learning lab for effective data use, and training and coaching for teachers and administrators.

Evan coauthored the adaptation of the Four Domains for Rapid School Improvement to the charter sector and, through the National Charter School Resource Center, leads a portfolio of research to identify early indicators of charter school distress. Recently, Evan led a case study to disseminate and measure impact of best practices leading to school improvement efforts in charter schools, creating a video and toolkit for practitioners to learn about the practices found to be effective in improving school and student outcomes. Partnering with state leaders in the Mid-Atlantic region, Evan guided teams in articulating a vision and goals for college and career readiness and determining related milestones and progress indicators.

Evan previously led a statewide community of practice focused on implementing a continuous improvement process of data use to increase middle school achievement. Creating and using in-person and online formats, Evan provided targeted leadership training to help identify student learning challenges, the root causes of these challenges, potential solutions, and strategies for progress monitoring to redesign educational systems to and better serve the needs of all students. As director of performance at the SEED Foundation, Evan dramatically improved outcomes for underrepresented urban middle and high school students. She designed and created data dashboards and subsequently provided analytics training and coaching to help teams use data to guide decision-making and gain insight into what works and for whom.

Evan has a PhD in K–12 Administration, Master’s in Teaching, and Bachelor’s in Political Science. She started her career in education as a middle school special education teacher.