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Archived Webinar

How to Engage Dual Language Elementary Students with High-Quality Texts

Recorded on June 17, 2020

This archived webinar was sponsored by the Region 15 Comprehensive Center at WestEd, in collaboration with the California Teachers Association and the California Department of Education

This webinar builds on the webinar, How to Prepare Dual Language Elementary Students to Engage in Conversations Around Central Ideas with High-Quality Texts, and introduces dual language educators to teaching and learning approaches and processes that support elementary students’ abilities to access and engage in disciplinary literacy practices with high-quality, complex texts. Instruction designed to ensure high-quality interactions with texts allows students to develop metacognitive and metalinguistic practices while building and practicing their understanding of language.

The following topics are addressed in this session:

  • The critical thinking and literacy practices needed to succeed in the 21st century
  • A research-based approach to meaningfully engaging elementary dual-language students with high-quality texts that lead to:
    • the development of metacognitive and metalinguistic practices;
    • deepened understandings of key concepts and themes within and across texts; and
    • support rich understandings of language

This is the eleventh of a 13-part webinar series designed to support English Learners in distance learning settings.

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