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Archived Webinar

How to Prepare Dual Language Elementary Students to Engage in Conversations Around Central Ideas with High-Quality Texts

Recorded on June 15, 2020

This archived webinar was sponsored by the Region 15 Comprehensive Center at WestEd, in collaboration with the California Teachers Association and the California Department of Education

Given the pervasive practice of engaging students with the text without building the field or inviting prior knowledge to make sense of it, a common design challenge faced by teachers of bilingual and emerging-bilingual students is how to structure invitations for students to engage their own experiences and knowledge to support the intellectual work of the lesson. This archived webinar highlights the importance of surfacing students’ prior experiences and activating their prior knowledge in dual language classrooms.

The following topics are addressed in this session:

  • Inviting students’ prior experiences and knowledge: Why is it so important?
  • Student-centered activities to incorporate their prior knowledge and experiences: How can we do it?

This is the tenth of a 13-part webinar series designed to support English Learners in distance learning settings.

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