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Archived Webinar

Data-Driven School Improvement with WestEd's Four Domains CALL System

Recorded on November 06, 2018

This archived webinar is the second in a four-part series designed to help school, district, and state administrators implement the Four Domains for Rapid School Improvement, a framework developed by WestEd’s Center on School Turnaround.

Learn about WestEd’s new Four Domains CALL System, an online tool that identifies a school or district’s unique leadership opportunities and challenges.

CALL utilizes a multi-source comprehensive survey to assess core leadership practices distributed across an organization and the results are used to create a targeted action plan that supports professional growth and school effectiveness.

The Four Domains CALL System delivers:

  • Domain-specific feedback on your schools’ strengths and opportunities for improvement that will inform planning and monitoring
  • A shared understanding of excellence and the required leadership skills and knowledge necessary to achieve improvements
  • Data comparisons against national norms and previous school-level CALL administrations
  • Tools to measure ongoing progress

Who Will Benefit 

  • School & District Administrators
  • State School Improvement Directors


Watch a video about the WestEd Four Domains CALL System.

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