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Comprehensive School Assistance Program

The Comprehensive School Assistance Program works with state, regional, and local education agencies to develop and support a culture of learning in which all students acquire 21st century learning skills.

The Comprehensive School Assistance Program (CSAP) provides research and evidence-based technical assistance, professional learning, and knowledge development support in the following areas:

  • Learning support. Curriculum and assessment design, implementation, instructional practices, and family engagement, including support for English learners.
  • Systemic improvements in schools and districts. Transformational leadership; communication and stakeholder engagement; strategic planning and implementation support; and resource alignment.
  • State education agency assistance. Policies and practice to promote quality schooling; identification and sharing of evidence-informed practices; and implementation of strategies that result in improved student outcomes and equity.

Deb Sigman is CSAP’s Interim Program Director as of September 1, 2018.

Program Director

Deb Sigman

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