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The Initial Impact of the California Administrator Performance Assessment (CalAPA) Policy on Preparation Programs

By Heather Mattson, Karen Kearney, Rebecca Cheung, Reino Makkonen


This report describes a study that examined the initial impact of the California Administrator Performance Assessment (CalAPA) policy, the first required performance assessment for preliminary administrator certification in California, by identifying early changes (i.e., changes made through March 30, 2018) in administrator preparation programs’ practices.

The findings are organized based on the key topics used in the interview protocol: coursework, fieldwork, resources, and support. In addition, the report includes a discussion that provides commentary about key issues in the field of education to consider, as they could affect administrator preparation programs and CalAPA implementation.

Based on the findings, and the systemic challenges explored in the discussion section, the report also identifies several short-term and long-term actions that policymakers, state-level agencies, and educators may want to consider.

The information in this report can be used by administrator preparation programs, policymakers, and the education community at large to inform possible refinements to the CalAPA policy; inform ways that preparation programs integrate and implement the CalAPA; and help determine how best to support administrator candidates through the preparation and assessment process.

Download the executive summary.

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