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Fostering Collaboration Between District and Charter Schools: A Toolkit for State and Local Leaders

By Sara Allender, Andrea Browning, Robin Chait, Chris Dwyer, Carol Keirstead, Amanda Nabors


How can state and local leaders facilitate collaboration between traditional public schools and charter schools? This toolkit, developed by the Mid-Atlantic Comprehensive Center at WestEd, helps state and local policymakers learn from documented successes, address potential barriers, and facilitate cross-sector initiatives to improve education quality in both traditional public schools and charter schools.

The toolkit provides guidance, practical tools and templates, and links to additional resources for each of the following five stages of the collaborative process (see accompanying graphic):

  • Committing to a Unifying Purpose
  • Assessing the Environment for Collaboration
  • Planning
  • Implementing
  • Sustaining Collaboration

The toolkit draws from interviews with experienced leaders in the District of Columbia and Massachusetts, as well as a review of research on collaboration between the traditional public school and charter school sectors and on collaboration in general.

Click any of the five sequential stages below to directly access the section and its tools.

  • Finding Common Purpose - click to see more
  • Assessing Conditions for Collaboration - click to see more
  • Planning - click to see more
  • Implementing - click to see more
  • Sustaining Collaboration - click to see more

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