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Evaluation Brief: Implementation and Outcomes of Kansas Multi-Tier System of Supports, 2011–2014

By Natalie Lacireno-Paquet, Kristin Reedy


States, school districts, and schools across the country are increasingly implementing multi-tier systems of support (MTSS) to improve outcomes for all students. Kansas is no exception.

The Kansas MTSS is designed to improve outcomes for all students by instituting system-level change across the classroom, school, district, and state.

Such systemic change is accomplished through development of a coherent continuum of evidence-based, systemwide practices to support a rapid response to each student’s academic and behavioral needs. It also features frequent data-based monitoring for instructional decision making.

Kansas MTSS comprises evidence-based curricula, high-quality instruction, a comprehensive assessment system, data-based decision making, effective intervention, fidelity of implementation, ongoing professional development, and leadership within an empowering school and district culture.

This evaluation brief, written by Kristin Reedy and WestEd’s Natalie Lacireno-Paquet, summarizes WestEd’s completed evaluation of Kansas MTSS.

The evaluation found that Kansas MTSS is substantially contributing to improved student outcomes at the local level, as well as benefitting teachers, improving instruction, and supporting better school functioning.

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