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Family Engagement Framework: A Tool for California School Districts (2014 Spanish Edition)

Produced by California Department of Education, California Comprehensive Center, Center for Prevention & Early Intervention at WestEd


The Family Engagement Framework is designed for school districts and schools that are developing and expanding school/family partnerships to support student achievement and close the academic achievement gap.

A collaborative effort between the California Comprehensive Center (CA CC) at WestEd and the California Department of Education, this tool provides guidance to educators, districts, schools, families, and communities as they plan, implement, and evaluate strategies across programs for effective family engagement.

The CA CC did a thorough review of literature showing a strong link between parent involvement activities and student achievement. The research is summarized in the Framework, along with specific examples of what schools, communities, and parents can do to help students succeed.

This 2014 Spanish language edition of the Family Engagement Framework was revised by CDE in collaboration with the Center for Prevention & Early Intervention (CPEI) at WestEd.

Download the English language edition of the Family Engagement Framework.

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Copyright: 2014
Format: PDF
Pages: 56
Publisher: California Department of Education