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How Arizona's Dropout Crisis Affects Communities, Creates Economic Losses for the State of Arizona

Produced by WestEd for the Arizona Mayors Education Roundtable


Twenty percent of young people in Arizona never graduate from high school; a similarly large proportion is disconnected from either work or education. They experience higher joblessness and economic uncertainty, and are more dependent on government support. Failing to adequately prepare them for adulthood creates both social and financial losses for both the federal government and Arizona state/local governments.

This report, produced by WestEd for the Arizona Mayors Education Roundtable, details the state’s social and fiscal losses for high school dropouts and disconnected youth (those not in work or school/college).

The social loss includes:

  • Lost earnings
  • Higher criminal activity
  • Poorer health status
  • Higher reliance on government programs
  • Productivity losses
  • Tax distortions

The fiscal loss includes lost taxes and increased government spending on crime, health, and welfare.

The Arizona Mayors Education Roundtable is a partnership of WestEd and the Helios Foundation designed to increase city government’s role in helping youth prepare for college and careers.

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