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Improvement Science in Teacher Preparation at California State University

By Jonathan Dolle, Melissa Eiler White, BreAnna Evans-Santiago, Tanya Flushman, Megan Guise, Sarah Hegg, Oddmund Myhre, Erin Ramirez, Noelle Won


This report describes how California State University campuses apply the principles and methods of improvement science to the challenge of improving how the California State University System prepares teachers for K–12 schools.

The report explains the theory of improvement science and how approaches informed by improvement science differ from other improvement efforts.

The report then describes how the New Generation of Educators Initiative (NGEI) has put this theory into practice through providing technical assistance for NGEI grantees. Examples from the NGEI grantees are included to illustrate how improvement science principles have been applied in the teacher preparation context.

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Copyright: 2018
Format: PDF
Pages: 18
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