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SimScientists Suites for Distance Learning


SimScientists is a suite of multi-year research and development projects at WestEd that focuses on the roles simulation technologies can play in enriching science learning and assessment.

SimScientists brings together the latest research findings and best practices from model-based reasoning, cognition and learning, e-learning design, intelligent tutoring, and educational measurement to design and test innovative ways of supporting student learning and instructional practice in middle school and high school science.

As part of this effort, WestEd developed a large system of engaging simulation-based assessments and curriculum supplements for life, physical science, and Earth science.

This freely accessible selection of SimScientists modules offered here are designed to help teachers and parents engage learners with access to a computer at school or at home to use science and engineering practices actively, and integrate those practices with rich science content.

Access these freely available modules and incorporate them into your instruction on several topics. Provide your students with the opportunity to investigate phenomena and design solutions to problems as they conduct simulation-based tasks.

Engage students in

  • Simulated environments of science “in action,” where students make observations and infer relationships among components
  • Science investigations and predictions
  • Developing and using models of science systems to understand real-world phenomena

Available Modules for Middle School

  • Life Science – Ecosystems
  • Physical Science – Energy
  • Physical Science – Waves
  • Earth Science – Climate
  • Earth Science – Geosphere

Available Modules Available for High School

  • Life Science – Human Body Systems

Suggestions for Use

Modules can be accessed on PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, and iPads.

Include SimScientists modules for each topic during your instruction. Each module provides questions for students to answer offers feedback and coaching tailored to their responses and to how much assistance your student needs to complete a module.

For more information and access to the complete SimScientists system that includes reports and benchmark assessments, please contact

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