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Achieving an Education Revolution Through New Federalism in Australia


Securing a higher level of performance in all schools in all settings has been a major priority of governments in Australia for nearly 40 years. This case study reviews school improvement efforts in Australia and offers recommendations for other countries.

Specifically, this case study:

  • Summarizes education policy in Australia
  • Explores what has been accomplished through the “new federalism,” an unprecedented partnership between the Australian federal government and state governments
  • Reviews the research that informed the partnership’s strategies for turning around low-performing schools
  • Provides examples of the partnership’s approach
  • Assesses the potential for significant, systematic, and sustained change in the years ahead

This is one of four case studies developed in mid-2009 for the U.S. Department of Education that focus on how countries other than the United States have been addressing the challenge of turning around their low-performing schools. The other three case studies focus on Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

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Format: PDF
Pages: 16
Publisher: WestEd