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Archived Webinar

Does Having Police in Schools Reduce Crime and Student Offenses?

Recorded on November 06, 2014

Does having police in schools reduce crime and student offenses? Is putting more law enforcement in schools a good idea? What is the best role for police in schools?

In this archived webinar, WestEd’s crime and justice researchers discuss the preliminary evidence from existing studies about the impact of school-based law enforcement programs.

You will also hear from people at the front lines who share their experience about the role of school-based law enforcement.

The presenters explore:

  • The research on the effectiveness of police-led crime prevention programs
  • The potential for improving school-based law enforcement
  • Critical questions that need to be answered to further our understanding of the police-school relationship

Webinar Presenter(s):

William Modzeleski William Modzeleski Senior Consultant, SIGMA Threat Management
John Rosiak John Rosiak
Kyungseok Choo Kyungseok Choo

Materials from the Webinar