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The Effects of the Elevate Math Summer Program on Math Achievement and Algebra Readiness

By Jason Snipes, Kevin (Chun-Wei) Huang, Karina Jaquet, Neal Finkelstein


Success in middle school math is a key predictor of students’ success in high school and beyond — and is therefore an important issue for policy and practice nationwide.

To raise math success rates in middle school, many schools and districts have implemented summer math programs designed to prepare students for algebra content in grade 8. However, little is known about the effectiveness of these programs.

This study, prepared by Regional Educational Laboratory West (REL West), examines the effects of the Elevate Math program on student achievement. Designed by the Silicon Valley Foundation, Elevate Math aims to help students succeed in middle school math and master important math and science skills that are needed to excel in college and career.

Key Findings

  • The Elevate Math 19-day summer math intervention for students entering grade 8 improved their scores on the Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project’s Algebra Readiness test and increased estimated algebra readiness rates
  • The program did not significantly improve students’ interest in math and/or their sense of competence in math

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