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Archived Webinar

Integrating ELD into Secondary Mathematics

Recorded on January 12, 2021

This archived webinar was sponsored by the Region 13 Comprehensive Center at WestEd, in collaboration with the New Mexico Public Education Department

Language is at the center of students’ development of mathematical understanding and engagement in mathematical practices. In this archived webinar, learn how to design content-specific learning experiences that promote oral language development in distance learning environments.

Topics addressed in this session:

  • Oral language development and its importance for English learners
  • The importance of quality interactions in developing mathematical understanding
  • Activities and tools supporting student engagement in mathematical practices

This is the 12th of a 14-part webinar series designed to support multilingual and English learner students in distance learning settings.

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Webinar Presenter(s):

Nicole Erdelyi Curriculum & Instruction Coordinator, Rio Rancho Public Schools
Mayra Valtierrez New Mexico Public Education Department

Materials from the Webinar