Making Sense of SCIENCE: Matter for Teachers of Grades 5-12 (Teacher Book Bundle), Second Edition

By Kirsten Daehler, Jennifer Folsom

With Jennifer Mendenhall

Making Sense of SCIENCE: Matter for Teachers of Grades 5-12 (Teacher Book Bundle), Second Edition


Making Sense of SCIENCE (MSS) helps teachers gain a solid grasp of challenging science concepts, analyze effective teaching practices, and explore how literacy supports impact learning.

The activities and approach in this second edition of the Making Sense of SCIENCE: Matter course bundle supports existing standards-based curricula, are based on a decade of research, and have been nationally field-tested with teachers and vetted by scientists.

The course materials are designed to:

  • Engage teachers in collaborative, adult-level science learning that models the multidimensional, discourse-rich practices found in productive science classrooms
  • Equip teachers with the deep content knowledge and strong pedagogical skills needed to effectively foster inspirational and impactful student-driven learning
  • Empower teachers to reflect on and improve their practice with tools that scaffold respectful and collaborative professional learning communities

In this second edition, the authors further emphasize engaging students in discourse-rich practices, systems thinking, developing scientific explanations, and phenomena-based learning.

The authors have also updated the content and streamlined the learning to make the course even more efficient, allowing for added time to reflect on teaching and to explore the everyday applications of this fascinating science.

The Teacher Book bundle includes:

  • The Matter Teacher Book, which contains teaching cases of actual classroom practice, science background information, and guided investigations that explore the subject of matter in conjunction with related literacy supports and teaching practices

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