Reading Apprenticeship® is a research-based and research-proven instructional framework for improving the academic literacy of middle school, high school, and college students.

Three recent randomized controlled studies found that students in Reading Apprenticeship classrooms made significant gains in literacy and disciplinary knowledge. They also developed more positive academic identities and dispositions for reading and learning.

Developed by the Strategic Literacy Initiative at WestEd, the Reading Apprenticeship framework is the theoretical foundation for all projects conducted by SLI, including its current work in the RAISE and READi projects.

RAISE is a five-year, five-state scale-up of Reading Apprenticeship professional development that also includes a research component. Through the RAISE project, Reading Apprenticeship will reach 2,800 high school English, history, and science teachers and over 400,000 students in California, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Utah.

In the READi project, SLI is collaborating with researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago and elsewhere in a five-year federally funded research initiative to increase the subject area reading comprehension of students in grades 6–12.

Reading Apprenticeship activities also include site-based and national professional development institutes for secondary and college faculty, an online course for community college instructors, and curriculum and professional development for the grade 9 Reading Apprenticeship Academic Literacy (RAAL) course.

A best-selling and newly updated book, Reading for Understanding, describes the Reading Apprenticeship framework with examples from many subject area classrooms, ranging from middle school through community college.

Learn more about how Reading Apprenticeship can boost literacy, engagement, and achievement in the following video: