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Webinar Spotlight

How Schools Ensure Social Connections During Physical Isolation

This archived webinar explores the practical realities and research foundations of how distance learning offers both opportunities, and imperatives, to re-establish relationships during school closure.

Webinar Spotlight

Managing Resources Effectively in Response to COVID-19

Receive guidance for dividing fiscal resources amid school closures, managing funding cuts, and supporting short- and long-term needs.

Webinar Spotlight

Academic Achievement through Student Agency: A Dallas ISD Journey

Watch this archived webinar to hear a remarkable story about students and teachers working together at Ben Milam Elementary in the Dallas Independent School District.

Recent & Popular Webinars

Recent Webinars

  • Addressing the Impact of COVID-19 through Summer Learning and Enrichment

    This archived online discussion, intended to elevate evidence-based components of high-quality summer learning and enrichment programs, describes how funds from American Rescue Plan can be used to support program design and implementation, and how these opportunities can be available this summer and beyond by building district capacity.

  • Stakeholder Voice, Agency, and Co-Creation for Equity in Education

    In this archived professional learning session, two student leaders and experts in youth engagement, leadership, and equity present strategies for engaging often-overlooked stakeholders in education decision-making and helped California county offices of education participants explore new ways to move from "doing to" or “doing for” ...