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Archived Webinar

Leading for Literacy: A New Resource for Teacher Leaders and Coaches

Recorded on September 27, 2017

Leading for Literacy: A Reading Apprenticeship Approach provides practical examples, protocols, and insights from practitioners around the United States who are working to transform classrooms and schools using the evidence-based Reading Apprenticeship framework.*

In this webinar, co-author Ruth Schoenbach, along with teacher leaders who use Leading for Literacy at school sites nationwide, discuss and provide examples of how they successfully introduced Reading Apprenticeship to their colleagues and are improving literacy teaching and learning.

Who Will Benefit

  • Middle school, high school, and college teacher leaders and coaches

What You Learn

  • Insights for engaging and learning with colleagues using the evidence-based Reading Apprenticeship approach
  • How to help colleagues implement effective literacy practices in their classrooms
  • Inquiry-focused professional learning on site
  • Ideas about teacher leaders “leading from practice”
  • Where and how to start
  • Challenges and ideas for deep change in classroom practice
  • Challenges and ideas for sustainability


  • Ruth Schoenbach, former Co-Director, Strategic Literacy Initiative at WestEd

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* The Reading Apprenticeship framework, based on more than 20 years of experience researching and learning what works in literacy education, illustrates the value of integrating a social-emotional learning approach for students with the same approach to teachers’ professional learning. When affective and academic development are linked, deep changes in teachers’ practice and students’ engagement and achievement result.