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Archived Webinar

Why YOUR Wellness Matters: The Intersections of Leaders' Mental Health, Systems Change, and Equity

Recorded on May 13, 2021

In this archived professional learning session hosted by the COVID Education Equity Response Collaborative’s Equity Accelerator, presenters shared ideas and strategies customized for California County Office of Education (COE) leaders to help them prioritize their personal mental health while also working toward equity for students, educators, and families. Attendees were asked to reflect on personal and professional sustainability and how to stay connected to the “why” of equity work while taking tangible steps to create systemwide change.

This was the third event in a year-long series offered by the COVID Education Equity Response Collaborative. As part of the Collaborative, WestEd leads the Equity Accelerator to support COEs in improving alignment of whole-child and whole-school efforts that cohere around a vision of equity. Using a two-tiered approach, the Equity Accelerator provides a statewide professional learning series and an intensive fellows program for select COEs.


Resource List

The resources below are listed in the order they were shared in the chat. Follow along with the session recording for additional context.

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Webinar Presenter(s):

Image of Kelly Knoche Kelly Knoche The Teaching Well
Image of Lindsey Fuller Lindsey Fuller The Teaching Well