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Join WestEd at the 2019 CERA Annual Conference


WestEd will be present at the 2019 California Educational Research Association (CERA) 98th Annual Conference, held on November 18 through November 20, 2019, at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Sacramento, California.

With the theme of “Visualizing California’s Educational Future: Moving from Data to Action,” CERA will be highlighting ways California researchers are using data to improve results for children of all ages and abilities.

There will be opportunities to make new connections with experts from WestEd’s Comprehensive School Assistance Program, The Health and Justice Program, The Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) Program, The Policy Center, The Center for Child and Family Studies, and The Innovation Studies Program. Visit our display table at the conference to learn more about WestEd’s resources, research, and services.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Session: Developing a Data-Centered Methodology for Identifying Continuous Improvement Models Across California
Time & Location: 10–10:45am / Bataglier
Presenters & Authors: Ryan Lewis (WestEd), Kelsey Krausen (WestEd), Tran Keys (WestEd), and Roni Jones (CA Collaborative for Educational Excellence)

Session: Measuring, Monitoring, and Visualizing School Climate in California: The CalSCHLS System
Time & Location: 10–10:45am / Compagno
Presenters & Authors: Lucyna Klinicka (WestEd), Thomas Hanson (WestEd), and Leslie Poynor (WestEd)

Session: Teachers’ Reported and Actual Enactment of the NGSS
Time & Location: 10–10:45am / Beavis
Presenters & Authors: Ashley Iveland (WestEd), Katherine Nilsen (WestEd), and Jonathan Boxerman (WestEd)

Session: What Are California Educators Saying About Their Professional Learning, Materials, and Data Use?
Time & Location: 10:50–11:35am / Royal
Presenters & Authors: Reino Makkonen (WestEd) and Eric Crane (WestEd)

Session: Exploring the Real-World Challenges of Moving from Data to Practice: Perspectives from California County Office Leaders
Time & Location: 1:40–2:25pm / Compagno
Presenters & Authors: Eric Crane (WestEd), Mariana Preciado (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Clay Willis (WestEd), James Southwick (Tehama County Office of Education), Tracy Wilson (Placer County Office of Education), and Javier Garcia (Tulare County Office of Education)

Session: Engaging Families to Improve Student Outcomes: Using the New Priority 3 Self-Reflection Tool to Strengthen Equitable Practices and Enhance the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)
Time & Location: 1:40 – 2:25 p.m., Tofanelli
Presenters & Authors: Margit Birge (WestEd), Jeff Breshears (California Department of Education), and Lidia Renteria (California Department of Education)

Session: Using a Data Visualization Tool to Examine the Math Course Trajectory from Middle Grades to High School in Pre and Post Common Core Era
Time & Location: 1:40–2:25pm / Carr
Presenter & Author: Min Huang (WestEd)

Session: Supporting and Studying Implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards on a Large Scale — Logic Model and Preliminary Data from Professional Learning to Student Outcomes
Time & Location: 2:35–3:20pm / Royal
Presenters & Authors: Kirsten Daehler (WestEd) and Patrick Moyle (WestEd)

Session: Using an Interactive Data Visualization Dashboard for Nuanced Exploration of Children’s Progress Towards Kindergarten Readiness
Time & Location: 3:30–4:15pm / Carr
Presenters & Authors: Kerry Kriener-Althen (WestEd), Emily Newton (WestEd), Cecelia Fisher-Dahms (California Department of Education), and Karen Draney (BEAR Center at the University of California, Berkeley)

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Session: Multi-Dimensional Cognitive Complexity Scale for Assessing the Next Generation Science Standards
Time & Location: 9:50–10:35am / Royal
Presenters & Authors: Meghan Bell (WestEd), Matt Silberglitt (WestEd), and Veronica Zonick (WestEd)

Session: Empirical Analyses of English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC) in Relation to English Language Arts Assessment
Time & Location: 10:45–11:30am / McGinnis
Presenters & Authors: Min Huang (WestEd) and Robert Linquanti (Formerly WestEd)

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November 18–20th, 2019


Sacramento, California


California Educational Research Association


Administrators, Researchers