Innovation Studies

Program Staff

Program Directors

Nikola Filby
Neal Finkelstein

The Innovation Studies program helps educators and policymakers find promising ideas, understand how they work, put them into action, and evaluate the results. To do this, staff partner on pilot projects, conduct formative evaluations, and communicate using technology and interactive media for knowledge transfer to educators and policymakers.

The Center for the Future of Teaching & Learning, housed within Innovation Studies, acts as a knowledge manager across topics related to teaching and learning. Staff curate high-quality research, design and conduct research to address gaps in knowledge, and communicate key findings to help policymakers at the state and local levels make informed decisions to support learning for all students. In addition, staff have extensive experience working with organizations to develop and oversee strategic plans. We extend our support of this planning as a fiscal intermediary and partner for ongoing formative evaluation.

Our formative evaluations are designed to capture evidence of progress in the early stages of implementation of an initiative to inform mid-course changes and guide iterative cycles of development. Rigorous impact studies are carried out on more mature programs.