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WestEd’s Policy Center provides policymakers and other leaders at the national, state, district, and local levels with the information, analysis, and other support they need in order to make well-informed decisions.

WestEd’s Policy Center brings clarity to complex policy issues in education and related fields by examining all sides of a question and presenting objective, evidence-based findings. In the same vein, the Center convenes policymakers and other leaders around their common concerns, providing background materials and access to experts so participants can learn with and from each other. Center staff respond to requests from Congress and federal agencies, state and local agencies, boards of education, and other policymaking bodies.

In addition to responding to requests for policy analysis and other support, the Center produces occasional Policy Briefs on current trends in education reform and other recent developments benefiting children and families. The Center also organizes policy conferences and symposia, which are typically one- to two-day events featuring keynote addresses, research presentations, and panel discussions.

The Policy Center operates the West Comprehensive Center, which helps state leaders in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah with their initiatives to implement, support, scale up, and sustain statewide education reforms. The Center provides similar support to the states of Colorado and New Mexico through the comprehensive centers operated by the University of Oklahoma.

The Center also operates the national Center on School Turnaround, which helps state education agencies across the country understand how best to support districts and their lowest-performing schools in achieving rapid and sustainable improvement.

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