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Area of Work

Literacy & Other Content Areas

WestEd understands the importance of literacy as the foundation for all learning. Students’ linguistic competencies impact their success in reading, writing, speaking, and listening, extending to all academic content areas.

We pursue new ideas, conduct research, and create solutions that help all students succeed in literacy. For example, randomized controlled studies found that students whose teachers had participated in WestEd’s Reading Apprenticeship® professional development were more than a year ahead of their peers on standardized tests in reading comprehension, biology, U.S. history, and English language arts.

Services to Help You

The Formative Writing Framework: Advancing Balanced Literacy Through Engagement and Empowerment

What You Will Learn A teacher-driven professional learning model, the Formative Writing Framework was developed to promote student agency and teacher ownership of improved outcomes. The Formative Writing Framework was born out of educator demand for: Reliable ...

Professional Development

VITAL Collaboration: Developing and Revitalizing Professional Learning Communities

Create or revitalize a data-driven professional learning community (PLC) that will drive schoolwide improvement in teaching and learning. Participate in our year-long, research-based professional learning designed to optimize PLC effectiveness.

Professional Development