Technical Assistance

Drawing from research and best practice, WestEd delivers high-quality technical assistance that actively supports leadership teams working to build state and local capacity across a range of areas and pressing issues. Our work focuses on developing sustainable, scalable solutions alongside organizational and systemwide supports to ensure rapid, significant improvement.

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National Support Networks

Serving state education agencies and others through research and technical assistance

Key programs for partnering with and expanding the capacity of state education agencies and others to improve student outcomes are introduced below. The programs, funded through a competitive process, enable WestEd to provide support gratis.

Regional Educational Laboratories

A system of Regional Educational Laboratories (RELs) conducts research and provides analytic support through a range of partnerships with education entities and their communities, all with the fundamental mission of addressing education challenges through greater use of evidence-based decision-making. WestEd operates REL West, which serves Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah.
  • REL West provides research, analytic assistance, and resources designed to increase the use of quality data and evidence in education decision-making.

Comprehensive Centers

The Comprehensive Center program is a network comprising 15 region-specific centers that provide technical assistance to their state education departments individually or collectively, and 7 national content centers that work through the regional centers to provide expertise in high-priority content areas. WestEd operates three regional centers and two content centers.
  • The California Comprehensive Center partners with the state's Department of Education to extend its capacity to improve teaching and learning for all students.
  • The Mid-Atlantic Comprehensive Center helps state leaders in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia advance their education priorities.
  • The West Comprehensive Center works with state education leaders in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah to implement and sustain statewide initiatives designed to improve student outcomes.
  • The Center on School Turnaround helps build the capacity of state education agencies nationwide to rapidly improve chronically low-performing schools.
  • The Center on Standards & Assessment Implementation works through state education agencies nationwide to build district and school capacity to implement rigorous standards and assessments.

National Special Education Centers

Two national special education centers focus specifically on helping states improve their systems for supporting and educating infants, toddlers, children, and youth with disabilities.
  • The Center for IDEA Fiscal Reporting provides technical assistance to state education agencies to help them meet their federal obligation to collect and report special education fiscal data.
  • WestEd’s National Center for Systemic Improvement helps states transform their systems to improve outcomes for infants, toddlers, children, and youth with disabilities.