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The Game Changers Series

Community Colleges Aim to Increase Student Success

The Game Changers series is designed to help community colleges significantly increase student completion rates.

The series’ three reports highlight reforms aimed at increasing the number of students graduating from community college. In addition, the series was written to spark campus-level discussions about innovative models.

The development of this series was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as part of its Completion by Design initiative. Learn more about Completion by Design and WestEd’s role.

Providing Structured Pathways to Guide Students Toward Completion

Providing Structured Pathways to Guide Students Toward Completion: Game Changers Series

By: Mina Dadgar, Andrea Venezia, Thad Nodine, Kathy Reeves Bracco

This report outlines the issues that community colleges face as they design programs that allow students to explore their education and career options while also progressing toward a credential. more >

Format: PDF | Copyright: 2013 | view online/pdf

Acceleration in Developmental Education

Acceleration in Developmental Education: Game Changers Series

By: Thad Nodine, Mina Dadgar, Andrea Venezia, Kathy Reeves Bracco

Acceleration in developmental education is a strategy that community colleges use to reduce the amount of time students spend in remediation and allow them to enroll more quickly—or immediately—in courses leading to certificates or degrees.

This report describes the importance of acceleration, explains how it raises college completion rates, and highlights the key principles of successful acceleration models. more >

Format: PDF | Copyright: 2013 | view online/pdf

Integrating Student Supports and Academics

Integrating Student Supports and Academics: Game Changer Series

By: Mina Dadgar, Thad Nodine, Kathy Reeves Bracco, Andrea Venezia

This WestEd report explores how the integration of student supports and academics in community colleges fit within an overall strategy to raise completion rates. more >

Format: PDF | Copyright: 2013 | view online/pdf