Deb Sigman

Director, Strategic Support

Staff photo of Deborah Sigman
Deb Sigman, a state and national education leader focusing on connecting assessments with enhanced student learning, is the Deputy Director of WestEd's Standards, Assessment, and Accountability Services (SAAS) program. SAAS is recognized for creating assessment systems that are valid, fair, and aligned with rigorous standards, and for providing state and national policy guidance on building aligned student, school, and educator accountability systems. The focus of SAAS's assessment and standards reviews range from language arts, mathematics, science, and social science to emerging fields, such as college and career readiness. Sigman also oversees the national Center on Standards and Assessment Implementation, which supports states' transition to new standards and assessments for college readiness. Sigman's experience in education policy, student assessment, and accountability will further the development of assessments that provide useful results for educators and their students, and assist school leadership, teachers, and parents to better use assessment data to support student learning and achievement. Prior to joining WestEd, Sigman served in multiple education leadership positions at the district, state, and national levels. She has held a number of administrative positions in California districts and served for 10 years at the California Department of Education as the State Assessment Director and Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction overseeing assessment and accountability. Sigman also served as the national chair of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium Executive Committee. She holds degrees in psychology and counseling from the University of California and California State University.