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Deb Sigman

Deb Sigman, a state and national education leader focusing on connecting assessments with enhanced student learning, is the Senior Program Director for the Comprehensive School Assistance Program (CSAP) at WestEd. She also serves as CSAP’s Director of State Strategic Support .

CSAP collaborates with state, regional, and local education agencies to develop and support a culture of learning in which all students acquire 21st century learning skills. CSAP provides research and evidence-based technical assistance, professional learning, and knowledge development support in learning support, systemic improvements, and state education agency assistance.

Sigman also is Co-Director of the California Comprehensive Center (CA CC),1 of 15 Regional Comprehensive Centers funded by the U.S. Department of Education. The CA CC provides technical assistance to extend the capacity of the California Department of Education and other state-level stakeholders. In addition, Sigman is the Senior Advisor to the Center on Standards and Assessment Implementation (CSAI), 1 of 7 National Content Centers. CSAI supports states’ implementation of their standards and assessment systems.

Sigman’s experience in education policy, student assessment, and accountability supports professional learning opportunities on interpreting assessment results for educators and their students, and helps school leaders, teachers, and parents better use assessment data to support student learning and achievement. Sigman focuses on the development and delivery of technical assistance regarding the integration of curriculum, assessment, and instruction with an emphasis on training educators in the appropriate and constructive use of assessment results.

Prior to joining WestEd, Sigman served in education leadership positions at the district, state, and national levels. She held several administrative positions in California districts and served for nearly 11 years at the California Department of Education, first as the State Assessment Director and then as the Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction, overseeing assessment, accountability, and various federal grant programs.

She holds degrees in psychology and counseling from the University of California and California State University.