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Kimberly Viviani

WestEd Senior Program Manager Kimberly J. Viviani specializes in curriculum development, including the development of education software and associated print materials, particularly in mathematics and science.

A member of the Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics program at WestEd, Viviani is the Curriculum Production Leader for the National Center on Cognition & Mathematics Instruction (Math Center), funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences (IES).

The Math Center is applying the latest cognitive science principles to redesign a mathematics curriculum and conduct rigorous research to determine how these modifications impact student learning. Leading experts in cognition, instruction, assessment, research design and measurement, mathematics education, and teacher professional development are addressing this need.

Previously at WestEd, Viviani coordinated the development and production of curricular materials for Algebraic Interventions for Measured Achievement, an intervention curriculum, also funded by IES, that targets specific algebraic learning trouble spots. The 12 modules, collectively titled Aim for Algebra, were published by It’s About Time, a leading educational publisher of inquiry-based science and mathematics programs.

Viviani was the Program Manager for the Center for Assessment and Evaluation of Student Learning, a WestEd project funded by the National Science Foundation to improve student learning and understanding in science through focusing on effective assessment.

Prior to joining WestEd in 2003, Viviani served as the Director of Curriculum and Product Design for Academic Systems, where she managed content development for three product lines: Interactive Mathematics, Interactive English, and

She also worked with Laurel Technical Services as a mathematician in the editorial team producing ancillary materials for various publishing companies, testing education software, and editing a variety of math textbooks.

Viviani is a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and has presented on Algebraic Interventions for Measured Achievement at IES Research Conferences.

She received a degree in mathematics from the University of California, Santa Cruz.