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Bridging Cultures in Our Schools: New Approaches That Work: Knowledge Brief

By Elise Trumbull, Carrie Rothstein-Fisch, Patricia M. Greenfield


As classrooms around the United States continue to become more and more culturally and linguistically diverse, educators need to understand the deep value orientations underlying beliefs and behaviors of different cultures and see how their own cultural values operate in the classroom. This is a critical step in making schools places where all children can learn.

This widely read Knowledge Brief provides a useful, theoretical framework for understanding how teachers’ culturally driven—and often unconsciously held—values influence classroom practice and expectations, and, when in conflict with the values of immigrant and other parents from more collectivistic societies, can interfere with parent-teacher communication.

Teachers can use this framework to generate their own solutions to problems, develop methods for effective teaching, and work with parents as authentic partners.

The book, Bridging Cultures Between Home and School: A Guide for Teachers, is also available.

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