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CenterView: California District Leaders on Common Core: Professional Learning Gaps Persist

By Pamela Fong

Produced by The Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning at WestEd


Professional learning that targets specific areas of need – namely, support for K-12 teachers as curriculum developers, pedagogical knowledge for teaching English learners, and school leader training – is critical to addressing the challenges to content standards implementation.

This last CenterView installment in the Center for the Future of Teaching & Learning’s (The Center) series on California standards implementation highlights the challenges school districts face in providing the right instructional resources and professional learning the state’s educators need to prepare students for postsecondary success.

To help address the challenges, this CenterView presents recommendations for technical assistance providers to better support standards implementation, including:

  • Building assessment literacy in schools
  • Providing guidance for vetted resources and services
  • Building site leadership capacity for standards implementation
  • Increasing teacher capability for curriculum development
  • Offering targeted professional learning aimed at supporting English learners’ academic achievement

Visit the Center’s website for more information about this study.

Download the complete three-part CenterView series on district insights into California standards implementation.

For more on California Standards implementation, contact Robert Sheffield, The Center’s Director of California Initiatives.

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