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The College Promise in California: A Collection of Program Profiles

Produced by REL West


The need for a college-educated workforce in the United States has never been greater. Yet, while access to higher education is ever more important, the financial cost to attend college has increased dramatically over the last few decades, becoming less accessible to students from low- and middle-income families.

College Promise programs help address the need for affordable community college by offering financial support for students in need and who live in the program’s geographic area. For example, the Adopt a Fifth Grader College Promise program is available to fifth graders in Lake County or Mendocino County school districts in California.

California has emerged as a leader in the development and implementation of College Promise programs. The state has 23 programs, 16 of which were announced in 2016.

This resource, produced by REL West, provides a scan of California College Promise programs. The document highlights the scope of California’s efforts and offers easily accessible information to those who are developing, implementing, improving, and evaluating College Promise programs in their community.

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