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Perspectives on California's Statewide Math and Science Communities of Practice

By Rebecca Perry, Maria Salciccioli


WestEd partnered with the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association to observe, support, and document the development of two statewide communities of practice (CPs) focused on standards implementation in mathematics and science.

The CPs were formed to help county offices of education support districts, and they continue to operate by regularly convening educators and engaging them on core topics related to high-quality STEM education such as:

  • Access and equity
  • Content knowledge and pedagogy
  • Administrator support
  • Professional learning
  • Communication
  • District-level policy development

CP members meet several times a year to learn from content experts, consult for and collaborate with peers across the state, and work in regional teams on issues of local and statewide importance.

Members reported positive impact on their work from new relationships and networking, deepened understandings of equity, and clarity on strategies for prioritizing science instruction and developing leaders.

This report builds on WestEd’s extensive data collection to offer lessons learned, suggestions for the future of these CPs, and ideas for other states or subject matter experts who are interested in replicating the impact of this CP in another context.

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