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Policies and Practices to Improve Student Preparation and Success: New Directions for Community Colleges, No. 145

Edited by Andrea Conklin Bueschel, Andrea Venezia


How can we ensure that students entering community college are academically prepared for the coursework? This book looks at various strategies to improve students’ preparation, as well as efforts to help them succeed once they have enrolled.

The book’s contributors represent community college faculty, researchers, funders, and policymakers offering their expertise, research, and knowledge on:

  • Policies and practices that support student preparation and success
  • The role and function of developmental education in community college
  • Sustaining changes that support student success in community college
  • New directions for dual enrollment
  • State college readiness initiatives and community colleges

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Product Information

ISBN: 978-0-470-49723-4
Copyright: 2009
Format: Trade Paper
Pages: 112
Publisher: Jossey-Bass

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